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About company

| 2013-02-24

Since 1999 Gallax supply service centers with modern equipment for:
  • Repairing brake systems
  • Toe, caster and camber measurement
  • Repairing truck cabs
  • Oil dispensing
  • Straightening chassis

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Buying our equipment, you get our help with installation and after sales support.
Installation, commissioning, montage, training courses are among the services we offer. We give a warranty on our work.
Our highly qualified engineers completed training courses at our training center and at manufacturing plants are to improve your skills.
Routine maintenance and emergency repairs will be performed quickly and qualitatively.



Gallax is an exclusive representative of such companies as Car-O-Liner International AB with their worldwide known brands Josam and TruckCam , Alentec & Orion AB with Eurolube and Orion equipment , NENAB AB and others, that’s why you get only quality brand equipment made in Sweden and Germany.

Диагностика и ремонт Ремонт тормозных систем, HUNGER (Германия) Смена масел, EUROLUBE
Подкатные и наямные домкраты, NENAB Columbus (Швеция) Выпрессовщик шкворней Blitz (Германия)
Rehobot (Швеция)

Along with the equipment you get a full set of booklets, charts, manuals and videos in Russian, where the work process is shown very clearly.
You can purchase:

  • Laser systems for wheel alignment and frame measurement, equipment for straightening frames and bent axels, equipment for repairing truck cabs.

  • Equipment for the oil and grease distribution as well as we offer you design, installation and commissioning of a centralized electronically-controlled fluid management system.

  • Air/Hydraulic jacks, pit jacks of high performance, quality and reliability

  • Equipment for repairing brake systems (universal bench brake servicing machines, brake disc turning machines for commercial vehicles, brake profiling machines for lining and shoes).

  • Hydraulic equipment: pumps, cylinders, pushing, pulling and lifting tools.

  • Electric wheel nut runners and wheel- spinners.

Заявка на обучение
Заявка на обучение

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